Regular administration of Abhyanga balances the internal organs, eliminates stress, tension, relieves depressive states, as well as extreme exhaustion and fatigue at the mental and physical levels; cleanses and expels toxins, rejuvenates and nourishes the cells of the tissues, helps fight headaches, joint pains and waist. It reduces the Bata imbalance caused by the very dynamic daily routine, frequent travel, cold, stress and dry skin, digestive problems, swelling and gas in the stomach and intestines.

Massage helps regenerate the skin, tone the muscles, strengthens immunity. Abhyanga calms the mind, nourishes the heart and strengthens the bones and nerves.

In ancient texts, Abhyanga is described as a massage that maintains youth, beauty, and presents longevity.

Price: 50lv | 70mins


Abhyanga Ayurveda (Whole Body)