Albena A.

Palm Trees

Albena A.

Get inside yourself and become your healer. In your heart are the words that heal - Love. It penetrates everything.

"What did the mirror show you, Alice?" The Little Prince asked.
"The truth," she told him.
"Isn't it relative?" - He did not hide his doubts.
- It is the gap between the worlds. Beyond. Where the awakening lies. Or just the courage to see the reflection in the mirror without looking away.
"What if it was all just a dream, Alice?"
- Let this dream come true now, because some dreams do come true, but there is no dream to end.
"Will you tell me again that tale you saw in the mirror, Alice?"
"The story," she continued, "that showed me the mirror of a heart that is free and the only thing you have to do is find the courage to follow it."

"Once upon a time there was a little girl. she had long hair that curled in the rain. She lived in a white marble coral palace, and every night, after closing her eyes, she looked in a crystal mirror and traveled far away, to Wonderland.
Her name was Alice.
In her dream, under the setting sun, she met a boy. She did not know his face and did not know his name, but he was always there waiting for her.
One day Alice grew up and still looked in the same mirror. She believed there was a Wonderland. There she learned that kindness is magic. There she realized that there is only one force in the world that can change a person's life - Love.
One day, in the moon of the rising sun, a male voice shouted behind her:
"Aren't you that little girl with rain-curled hair I dreamed of when I was little?"
Alice turned and recognized the boy in the mirror. It only took a moment to know the love she had been waiting for all these years.
"I've been looking for you for so long," the boy continued, "because I knew that even if there seemed to be no hope, and despite the time limit, one day I would find you."

How many more stories do we have to read? How many more times do we have to look in the mirror to believe that love exists and maybe it is just around the corner?
They say that on the other side of love is fear. The fear of expectations, of failures and disappointments. That fear that builds fortresses, locks padlocks and locks the safest bars. This fear keeps you alert, keeps you awake.
Because if it lets you fall asleep, you might end up in the Mirror. And there the walls collapse, the locks break and the fear turns into a fire that burns inside you.
And what if this fire burned everything around you - heart, soul, mind?
What if you turn them to ashes?
What if it warmed them instead of destroying them? What if this fire is the radiant glow at the end of the tunnel?
You can't be afraid to open your heart to the people you care about. Fear of pain is not a sufficient reason to suppress your emotions. We are trained to believe that it is emotions that cloud our judgment. But I believe that they are the source of our greatest strength. And when we suppress them, we become weak.
The Indians say that there are no fears, only the accumulation of weaknesses. Get inside yourself and become your healer. In your heart are the words that heal - Love. It penetrates everything.

Love - the most magical word in this universe. Few have touched its true power.
Whatever it means, we should all celebrate victories with someone and weep together for losses. Someone has to forgive us. Someone must come without questioning us and go with us through every trial of life.
Then we have nothing left but to trust our heart, if the sea burns and the stones melt and to live forever for Love!