It is known that heating or moxa therapy was used in many ancient medical traditions, for example, in Chinese medicine, in Ayurveda. They are also mentioned in the ancient Tibetan medical texts "Boom Shi" (about 3900 years) and "Jude Shi" ( about 1200 years), and also in ancient treatises found in the Dunhuang Cave.

This form of therapy is also known as herbal burn. It is a form of heat therapy in which dried plant products called "moxa" are burned very close to the surface of the skin. The goal is to warm up and improve the flow of qi energy in the body, through which to dissipate accumulated pathogenic influences. The word moxa is of Japanese origin. This is the name of the Japanese herb - the equivalent of wild wormwood and gradually the word "moxa" has become established and today the term moxa is used to denote both the raw material of wild wormwood and the method of action itself.

Moxa therapy uses the healing power of heat, which is directed to special points on the body. This leads to a healing effect in indigestion and overweight. As a result, blood circulation and wind are improved, stagnant energy is eliminated. The heat helps to eliminate pain, is used in cold pathologies of the internal organs.

The special kind of heating - Horme (Mongolian moxa) is one of the most useful procedures for modern man.

In addition to the heat effect, the power of herbs and the healing properties of special oils are also used. Horme is especially suitable for wind problems, helps with stress, insomnia, fatigue, forgetfulness, workload in front of a computer, extraordinary intellectual activity, clarifies and improves the work of the senses, slows ageing. At the end of the procedure the points are treated with oil and are massaged, and the patient should move with light movements to increase the circulation of energy.It is very important for several days after the procedure the patient does not catch a cold, do not drink cold drinks, do not take a cold shower, such as generally avoid cold procedures, as the heat gradually penetrates the relevant organs and systems of the body, and the effects of cold can destroy the healing effect.

Moxa therapy helps in:

  • Wind and Mucus disorders

  • excess mucus, swelling, poor blood circulation

  • insomnia, depression, memory loss, depression, mental and emotional disorders

  • weak and difficult digestion, overweight

  • tendon problems, neuralgia, sciatica pain

  • arthrosis, arthritis, rheumatism

  • cold, swollen, numb or itchy spots

  • any diseases of a cold nature

Moxa therapy is not used in cases of:

  • infectious diseases, influenza,

  • fever, inflammation

  • fever, bile disorders,

  • blood diseases, anemia

  • moxa therapy is not done in the genital area, sense organs, lymph nodes, veins, arteries.

Price: 50 lv | 1 hr 30 mins


Chinese Moxa With Wormwood