Meditation Class

New people in a New World!
We create a movement of like minded and awakened people. We want to raise above circumstances, to keep going through small and big challenges, to improve ourself and the world around,  to change our life, personality, lifestyle.
We are beginning to understand that there are other dimensions, worlds, possibilities for existence. The spiritual is the force behind matter and it is not something imaginary and distant. The spiritual world really exists with its forces. We do not know its laws well and we constantly receive blows and make mistakes. When our consciousness is at a low level, we cannot assimilate the higher level of knowledge. We do not understand the space-time relationship. But we are beginning to strive to understand the phenomenal consequences of the fundamental property of the human mind, to enter and exit the cosmo physical structures of Cosmic life and to remain there. We want to open the door to the world of harmony, physical and mental health for Humanity. The Bulgarian prophetess Slava Sevryukova says: "Live so that after your end the cosmos will cry".
"It's a matter of discipline," the Little Prince told me later. "When you get ready in the morning, you have to take care of the planet."
Antoine de Saint Exupery