Bio-Consciousness Protection Level 2

Course Price

500 lv

Course length

3 Days

Bio-Consciousness Protection Level 2


Greta Veselinova

Greta Veselinova has travelled around the world to meet gurus, healers, shamans, doctors, scientists, to study and gain experience in ancient and modern healing, nutrition and spiritual systems from different cultures all around the world. In Bulgaria she has established Libra Academy for ancient healing and spiritual practices, Libra Institute for Consciousness Development, branch office of The International Institute for Cosmic Anthropoecology (Russia) and Libra Recovery Centers, both of which are located in Varna City Center and in the outskirts of Varna, Bulgaria.

The unique programs in Libra combine ancient healing and spiritual practices with the latest modern informational medicine, natural nutrition. She is a certified Yoga teacher from Yoga Alliance and Soham Ayur Yoga Ashram in India, a Reiki Master and has attained several internships as Ayurveda Therapist in India. In Nepal she has studied in Osho Divine Zone and is certified in Shamanic Energy Healing, Singing Bowl Healing and Chakra Healing. Her studies include German language school in Varna, Master Degree in Economics from Varna Economic University, Bachelor Degree in Tourism in Cambridge and London. She is fluent in Bulgarian, German, Italian, English, Russian and has a basic knowledge of Sanskrit.

About the course

1. Lecture on the goals and objectives of the course - 1
session (2 hours)
2. Cause and Effect Ethics (basic compulsory course) - 10
sessions (20 hours).
For thousands of years man has familiarized himself with the
Ten Commandments and despite all the apparent clarity
these simple laws are of human relationship with their inner
peace, their meaning is still actual today. Information for these
relationships through the ages is revealed here and there in
various forms, such as the supreme law of the universe, or
at Raorih or the terrible warnings of Nostradamus, etc.
All these sources are united by a common goal, namely to tell,
explain and warn people that their privileges are rewarded for
their deeds, revealing a Cause-Effect relationship between
actions and phenomena.

This course on cause-effect ethics is an attempt to change the
relationships in the world, in the direction of cause and effect,
i.e. to live according by the laws by which the fates of the
individual and the society are constructed.
The actual meaning of these laws and knowledge are necessary
for the harmonious development of mankind.
The Course is made in different levels of preparation for
persons age 16 and above. It is designed for spiritual, ethical
and aesthetic development of the individual.