“Being an Avatar with the Time Machine” Level 2

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900 lv

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3 Days

“Being an Avatar with the Time Machine” Level 2


Greta Veselinova

Greta Veselinova has travelled around the world to meet gurus, healers, shamans, doctors, scientists, to study and gain experience in ancient and modern healing, nutrition and spiritual systems from different cultures all around the world. In Bulgaria she has established Libra Academy for ancient healing and spiritual practices, Libra Institute for Consciousness Development, branch office of The International Institute for Cosmic Anthropoecology (Russia) and Libra Recovery Centers, both of which are located in Varna City Center and in the outskirts of Varna, Bulgaria.

The unique programs in Libra combine ancient healing and spiritual practices with the latest modern informational medicine, natural nutrition. She is a certified Yoga teacher from Yoga Alliance and Soham Ayur Yoga Ashram in India, a Reiki Master and has attained several internships as Ayurveda Therapist in India. In Nepal she has studied in Osho Divine Zone and is certified in Shamanic Energy Healing, Singing Bowl Healing and Chakra Healing. Her studies include German language school in Varna, Master Degree in Economics from Varna Economic University, Bachelor Degree in Tourism in Cambridge and London. She is fluent in Bulgarian, German, Italian, English, Russian and has a basic knowledge of Sanskrit.

About the course

Work with the matrixes of consciousness – “informational modules”

Structuring of the main brain. Adjustment of the perceptions.
Cellular consciousness. Light matrix. System of man. Games
with time. Reincarnation. Megacultures. Stem cells. Aspects of
Self-knowledge. Transformational modulation. Portal links.
Plasma. Triple Sirius Crystal. Eye of the Mahatma. Sphere of
integration. Digital matrix. Ancestors. The Matrix of Orion. Solar
matrix. Vibration of Love. Coding of light. The energy of the
dolphins. In the depths of the subconscious. Master code.
Dance in the multidimensionality.

1. By adjusting the perceptions using the modeled (Mirrors
Kozyrev) and modulated (holographic) space it is possible to
then fixate the data flows from the cosmic space.
2. To define ways of receiving and storing the received
3. The ability of harmonization of information objects.
* Point of reception-transmission of information - Varna affiliate
4. Preparing the avatar to engage in a dialogue with the Cosmic
Consciousness. Preparing an exit for the mind of the avatar
from the wide-wavelenght vibrational frequencies.
5. Working with 16 matrices of consciousness. Vibration code.
"Informational units"
6. Perspectives on the study of the Universe in the "space" of
Studying the formation of informational flows in the holographic
Universe of Kozyrev with the use of individually shaped symbol
modular systems

7. Return to the zero zone.
8. Getting your algorithm to work with the information.


Horizontal and vertical informational links.
The Consciousness of the "Avatar" is learning using different
modes of perception, to separate information flows and to fix
the underlying bonds in the collective unconscious informational
space in the process of interaction with the intellectual fields of
the collective consciousness.
Intellectual and psychological methodology which has created a
modular system based on scientific experimental material for
work in modeled spaces.
The results of the global allow us approach a dialogue with the
"living space".
The "Module" allows the avatar to perceive the resonance of
incoming information and create a resonance field between
the avatar and the cosmic environment.
The 10 experimental holograms comprise information of
different galactic sectors.
The program "modules" can be viewed as an attempt of the
start-up of an integrated system of coded signal interaction
between the consciousness of Man with the Cosmic Mind.
An exit of other informational levels brings the consciousness of
Man closer to the Primordial Cosmic Consciousness. To
facilitate this work we enter in the area of "energy-sealing
time," modulated under the Mirror of Kozyrev.
All the constituent "modules" appear to be different units of a
single Universal holographical system interaction with which is
only possible by entering into her harmonic formations.

• Work with data objects, holograms, information flows, energy

• A unique opportunity for open access of consciousness at any
point in the Universe from a place of compact energy-time
formed under the Mirror of Kozyrev.
• Object of the study. The Individual consciousness of the
avatar as an element of the cosmic consciousness of man.
Using a “tool” created by the Supreme Mind - your own body
and brain of the avatar researcher. Structuring of
consciousness and the formation of creative perception is
essential for knowledge of the surrounding reality in a "tuning
fork", set in the modeled holographic space.
The Consciousness of the operator independently determines
for itself this way of structuring that the most defined and can
be perceived by all systems of personality.

The program has a "zero zone" or point of entry into the
modeled area, program code, 72 informational levels: ten of
which consist of a row of 12 "modules", an information level
contains 16 dies, while another informational level has - 9
"modules ". The point of entry is also referred to as a "module".
The program contains 164 'module', nine of which are repeated
twice in different information levels and appear as connection
points of information flows in the modeled space.
1. Entry into the "zero zone".
2. Program code.
3. Modules for all informational levels. Fixation of
consciousness. Occurrence of resonance interaction.
4. Knowing the vibrational lines.
5. Working with modules ,fixation of the connection points of
informational flows in the modeled space: 9 modules.

6. Modules of the 12th informational level.
In the mode of formation the modular structures should be
harmonized as constituting imperfect information objects as
well as the personal processes of the individual revealing their
cosmic reserves.
The program "Informational modules" can be used for the
setting and harmonization of the energy-informational field of
Man in the coordinates of the "bio-socio-spiritual" trinity for
entry of Humanity into the family of Cosmic Civilizations.