·      Spiral scanning of organs


·      1432 organs and tissues


·      13933 preparations and processes


·      Advanced Quadrant Database


·      Advanced Study for bacteria and therapy

  • Diagnosis of Diseases -current status and prognosis of development, detection of acute or chronic process, stage of disease and time of occurrence, detection of probable root cause, detection of pathogens: parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungi, hereditary predisposition, allergens, vitamins, micro elements, biochemical indicators, etc.

Diagnosis combines the diagnostic capabilities of computed tomography, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, and ultrasound imaging.

Each of them separately detects only the already formed process or disease, while the NLS scanner analyzes the state of the individual organ to cell level and allows for early diagnosis and prognosis for the development of a possible disease from 3 to 5 years prior to the first complaints.

This diagnosis is done an expressive, painless, and non-invasive overview of the whole organism, without the need for pre-special preparation and diets. It is only required about two hours before the study to avoid caffeine, nicotine products, energy drinks and nutritional supplements that would compromise the end result.

All organs and cells have specific wavelengths specific to them that characterize their normal function. As a result of stress, infections, allergies, polluted environment and more, they occur sick electromagnetic fluctuations other than those of the body and through the nervous system they reach the brain. The Diagnostic makes a comparative analysis for 120 000 energy information template and registers spectral similarity of cognition to disease 98%  in research authority.

What makes it different from the others  bio resonance diagnostics and therapy devices?

Auto detect root cause

Without any negative health impacts changes to wave characteristics of the magnetic fields of each organ in the human organism to cell level are measured and analyzed. This gives possibility to:

• register the diseases, including in the early asymptomatic stage, to determine their location, the

   nature of the pathology, phase and course of development, assessment of the adaptive capabilities

   of the organism.
• identify the causes of the disease / viruses, bacteria, parasites, allergens, food / and immediately

   prepare an adequate individual treatment program.
• analyze in each patient the inherited diseases embedded in his chromosomes and the possibility for

   early prevention of their manifestation.
• determine the biochemical parameters in the mode of NLS analysis.
• test medicines, food supplements, herbs, etc. to what extent they are suitable for intake according

   to the individual biological characteristics of the tested organism.
• accelerate the recovery processes of the body during illness by stimulating its own healing potential

   with the help of META therapy / meta-frequency therapy for cell recovery /, which is embedded in

   the device.
• control in the course of treatment the effectiveness of the various methods of influence in the

   healing process and to make a comparison with previous results.


Price: 200 lv | 2hr

Diagnostic with 3D NLS Scanner

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