Greta Veselinova, International Expert in Energy Information Adaptometry

The Energy Information Adaptometry Method allows:

·      Detect disturbances up to the time of occurrence of the first clinical symptoms of the disease, to            reveal the possible and confirm observable problematic areas at the physical level


·      to disclose dysfunction or disturbance in the person's power centers


·      Identify available programs delivered by genealogy


·      Identify the root cause of problems in life situations, in personal life, in school, at work, in                              careers


·      Identify the root causes of relationships in the family, between parents and children, male and                 female, in the team, among collaborators, managers and employees


·      Identify the cause of the crisis in these cases when one can not find a way out of the emerging                 problematic situation and take the right decision


·      Identify the cause of the child's low level of success and learning, as well as the problem of                         reproducing the knowledge / identification of the reasons for the low level of progress of children         and learning, fears, etc.


·      Identify energy disturbances in the human holographic matrix.


·      Determine the locations of exits or blockage of energy.


·      Identify available energy information blocks that prevent you from unraveling and realizing your           creative potential.


·      To observe the dynamics of change of the person's field / aura / person during treatment

        or spiritual practices, as well as the dynamics of the influence of extra senses, targets, different

        types of devices.


·      Determine the core of energy informational pathology.


·      To adequately study the results of work in dynamics through biological feedback.

·      Optimize the choice of diagnostic method and algorithm for personal therapy.

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Price: 150 lv | 2hr

Diagnostic Energy Information Adaptometry