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Mirror Sessions in the Mirror of Kozyrev (WEEKEND PROGRAM) 8Hrs/Day (No. 1)

Your journey with the Time Machine!
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Mirror Sessions in the Mirror of Kozyrev (WEEKEND PROGRAM) 8Hrs/Day (No. 1)

Time & Location

Jun 05, 10:00 AM GMT+3 – Jun 06, 6:00 PM GMT+3
Libra - Recovery Center, ulitsa "Bratya Miladinovi" 20, 9002 Center, Varna, Varna, Bulgaria

About the Event

Time Machine already in Bulgaria!

What Happens in Mirror Devices?


1. In the inner space of the concave mirrors there is a concentration and focusing of the flows that modulate the information from the Fine World and in particular, the information programs from the Information field, intended for our organism. By increasing the density of energy information of flows in the mirror devices, the information from the Information field is better perceived by our consciousness and subconsciousness, and starts the program for self-healing of the organism.

2. Due to the strengthening of the energy informational flows within the Mirrors, the resonant tuning of our own informational program is performed better, and the update (updating the internal program, elimination of damages and violations, as well as the acquired program "viruses") works more efficiently. . We do not notice it because the correction of the subconsciousness is not subject to our conscious control.

3. After the update (program update) there is an upgrade (update of the material body). Initially, the subconsciousness begins to restore the disrupted energy flows in the body (mainly through muscle contraction).

This happens despite the will and consciousness of the person, which is why the person believes that it is some external force that massages his internal organs, eyes, joints, rotates the neck, twists and straightens the spine, etc. In fact, this is done through our own subconsciousness, which is corrected from the outside. After such physio correction, the energy flows in the body are more or less regulated, the process of self-healing begins, including "bio correction" of the body. Gradually the pain leaves us, the normal functioning of the organs and tissues is established, the sensitivity of sight and smell increases. Mirror sessions are most effective in:

- Intense activity; The consequences of heavy physical, mental and intellectual stress; Acute and chronic stress; Fatigue, reduced ability to work; Constant feeling of tiredness and lack of strength, even after rest and sleep (chronic fatigue syndrome); Sleep disorders, insomnia; Loss of sensory perception of life.

In addition, sessions in K-mirrors are recommended for: -Relaxation, removal of neuro-emotional stress; -Restoration of general and occupational health in a relatively short period of time;

- Normalization of metabolism and internal organs; -Rehabilitation after diseases and operations; -Prevention of premature aging; -Maintaining the body in active physical shape;

-Get extra charge with energy and positive emotions


The mirror sessions in Kozyrev's Mirrors, during which is opened the access to the Earth's informational field and to the streams of energy-time from the future, provide the researchers with a unique opportunity to obtain predicted timely information about many space events concerning the geopolitical situation, dangers for human life, social well-being and health, collective consciousness and interpersonal relationships. For centuries, in fact, since appearing on Earth, man has wondered - can the past be changed and is there a way to rediscover the secret well of the future. It is not enough for humanity to live simply here and now. Touching the thin line between science, religion and mysticism, scientists from the International Institute of Cosmic Anthropoecology, represented by Libra Institute for Development of Consciousness (Greta Veselinova), Bulgaria, opened the door for humanity to the world of harmony, physical and mental health.


  • 8 hours

    Mirror Sessions in the Mirror of Kozyrev (WEEKEND PROGRAM) 8Hrs/Day


  • 8 hours

    Mirror Sessions in the Mirror of Kozyrev (WEEKEND PROGRAM) 8Hrs/Day

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