The unique functionality of Life Expert Profi helps to measure the vital indicators of all organs and systems of the body. The server compares data to more than a million different indicators and sends back the result that you can print if you want.

The reports are presented in the form of colorful illustrations: DIAGRAMES, SPIN PILLAR, AUROGRAM, demonstrating the physiological state of the organs and systems.

Also, Life Expert Profi automatically selects frequencies to prevent complexes from the Life Balance series, Life Balance 2.0.

Features of Life Expert Profi:

Consultancy information about the functional state of the body in 47 organs and systems,

selection of medicines that are most beneficial to the body, determination of biological age,

automatic preparation of an individual complex for the life balance, selection of medicines and products through the container (the database is constantly updated). You can identify individual intolerance to a certain food product (without ingestion) and choose food products, medicines, cosmetics, food supplements in accordance with the test results.

Life Expert is not a medical device so it can be used at home without a doctor's prescription.

• General condition of the systems
• Diagram
• Dynamics
• Projection
• Spine
• Classification
• System imbalance
• Power system (chakra section)
• Aurogram
• Probable weights
• Expected changes
• Biological age
• Vitamins
• Possible weights
• Expected changes
• Biological age
• Vitamins
• Possible toxic loads
• Choice of drugs
• Product selection
• Amino acids
• Psychosomatics
• Altered reactivity
• Zodiac diet
• Fitness nutrition
• Body mass index

Price: 100 lv

Life Expert