Lotus allows quick and objective patient status monitoring with the help of such diagnostic measurements as:

- Electrocardiogram registration

- Monitoring functional performance indicators

- Assessing the condition of the cardiovascular system

- Assessment of the state of the vegetative system

- Assessment of the body's internal energy resources

- Evaluation of the psycho-emotional state

- Assessment of biological age

The use of Lotus allows on a rigorous scientific basis to assess the actual effectiveness of treatment with healing techniques, devices or medication and, if necessary, adjust the process.

Conventional monitoring methods do not always allow a positive or negative effect of treatment to be established.

Lotus diagnostics allows to see the graphic portrait of the electromagnetic field, reflecting the state of the internal energy of the organism and the map of activity of energy centers and meridians, built on the basis of mathematical processing of cardiograms and phase spectrum of brain rhythms.

Lotus Diagnostics.png

Price: 50 lv | 30 mins

Lotus Diagnostic