Our Story

Notebook and Fountain Pen

The story of "Libra" is related to the personal story of the founder Greta Veselinova. From a young age, Greta has strange abilities - sticking metal utensils on her hands, breaking porcelain cups at a distance with her eyes, healing pains only with her hands and with colored energy ...and dreaming dreams that come true. She also stated very well and clearly in her early years that she would become a traveler. And this is what happened. Greta created a travel agency for health and spiritual travel, traveled the world, met scientists, spiritual teachers, clairvoyants, people with developed gifts, studied in ashrams in India, Nepal, Thailand. Years ago, she landed in Novosibirsk, Russia with a single dream - to get into the time machine she read about in a book. A dream of the future does not give her peace until she enters the  International Institute of Cosmic Anthropoecology.  Ahead of the state information is almost daily in the work of operators there. She began working with them, organising major scientific conferences, expeditions, researches. One of the three original Time Machines, the so-called Mirror of Kozirev, is currently in Bulgaria. The other two originals are in Russia. Meanwhile, Greta created many companies in addition to her travel agency. These are companies for real estate and investments, for translations, for trainings, for new energies, for innovations and for film making. She has also opened restaurants and hotels. Having successfully developed all these businesses, Greta decided that her most important mission in life was to help people using her own gifts, which she had by birth. That's why she established the Libra Academy of Ancient Healing and Spiritual Practices, the Libra Institute for Development of Consciousness, where through various forms of training, retreats and counselling, geo-healing tours to help people bring harmony to all areas of their lives - health, relationships , work ... and find their own, meaning, purpose and mission in life.