The TES therapy  is a type of transcranial electrostimulation, which is a non-invasive and non-medication method of treatment, and is performed with a low pulse rate of fixed frequency through electrodes located on the scalp. TEC induces excitation of the antinociceptive neuronal system of some hypothalamic nuclei and the peraceuticular gray matter. The TSE-induced allergy is opioid because it is influenced by naloxone, resulting in an increase in beta-endorphin concentration in the caryopsis and midbrain. Electrophysiologically, during the transcranial electro-allergy (TEA), the bulbar components of the somato-somatic, somato-sympathetic and viscero-sympathetic reflexes were initially suppressed, thus providing stabilization of haemodynamics.






HEADACHE: Migraine; Tendon headache; Vascular headache; Migraine + Tendon Headache


JОINT PAINS; MYOFASCIAL PAINS ;NEUROPATHIC DISEASES: Diabetic polyneuropathy, Mononeuropathy (CTC), Radiculopathy, Neuralgia;

Nerve Trauma;Anxiety and anxiety-depressive states; Insomnia; Vertigo;

Noise in the ears; Dependencies(nicotinism), Parkinson's disease; Exhaustion ; Alergy ; Acne; Parkinson's disease + Bone spondylosis and osteogandrosis, Myofascial pain + Psychogenic tremor + acne, Generalized osteoarthrosis + Diabetic NPH + CTC, Spondyloza + Generalized osteoarthrosis + HB + Tobacco, Anxiety disorder + Osteochondrosis + HB, Diabetic NPH + Gonarthrosis + Myofascial pain + Insomnia, Diabetic PNA + Noise in the ears; Generalized osteoarthrosis + essential tremor + insomnia, smoking + overweight, smoking + CTC, osteochondrosis with radiculopathy + smoking, osteochondrosis with radiculopathy + generalized anxiety;



HEADACHE: Reduce the frequency, intensity and duration of migraine attacks; tension headache

ANTI-CROSS-CROSSING AND DEFECTIVE CONDITIONS: Reduce general    anxiety; Increase working capacity and willingness to work; Improving sleep quality                                                                                                  

INSOMNIA: Facilitate sleep, increase in duration and sleep quality, decrease in the number of intermediate wakes, early wakefulness with restlessness                                                                                                  

CHRONIC FATE AND EXHAUSTION: Increased emotional tone, Increased job wishes, Improved memory (for learners); Improved sleep quality ;                                                                                                             

VERTIGO: Resolving complaints in one patient, reduction - to the other.

NOISE IN THE EARS: It resolves                                                                 

TOBACCOUNT: Reduce the number of smoked cigarettes by half; Reduce the desire to smoke; Appearance of unpleasant bitter or metallic taste in smoking; Non-smoking a lit cigarette

  • TES therapy  leads to a reduction in the dosage of the medication used, and in some cases can completely replace the medication treatment.


Price: 35 lv | 40 mins

Tes Therapy

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