Katya G.

In 2020, I was diagnosed with a pancreatic tumor. Looking for an alternative to traditional medicine, I found Greta Veselinova.....More


Elena C.

Greta is a beautiful person outside and inside, willing to hear you and guide you energetically and spiritually to a better version of yourself !.....More 


Yani M.

The coolest was Avatar training. During this Avatar training we made ourselves very strong.....More


Boryana G.

When I first entered Kozyrev's mirror, I was very excited and happy to be able to touch something so unique and amazing.....More

Zlati copy.jpg

Zlati G.

I've been to the Avatar's course twice. At the course itself, what I experienced and felt in the mirror was a very dense and high energy field.....More

What people say!
Palm Trees

Albena A.

Get inside yourself and become your healer. In your heart are the words that heal - Love. It penetrates everything.
"What did the Mirror show you, Alice?" The Little Prince asked......More

Riana Lozidi.jpg

Riana L.

I went to Libra mind, body, soul recovery Center for three days and it was an amazing experience! It was the three most peaceful days of my life!......More 



Greta diagnosed me with her methods and told me about a problem that was later confirmed with medical equipment.......More


Svetlana K.

For me, the Kozerev's Mirror course was, and is, a journey.
Journey of the Soul from it and to it.
Meeting my personal Avatar........More 

Diana B.jpg

Diana B.

Those days were filled with positive energy and professionalism in diagnostics, hospitality and fun in the games.......More 

Radina G.png

Radina G.

"Greta is a very smiling and sunny soul with whom it is a pleasure to communicate. Her presence is always radiant and pleasant.........More


Julia B.

For the first time I heard about Greta and Kozyrev's Mirror in a report on Bulgarian television (I live in Cyprus). I was very intrigued and dreamed of meeting this amazing and brave young woman,.......More 

Veselka K..jpg

Veselka K.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to be one of the first people to enter Kozyrev's Mirror in Bulgaria - this experience remains unforgettable for me to this day....More