A more interesting way to quickly and easily get all the toxins out of your body through a pleasant bath of your feet . This foot bath detox treatment not only removes fatigue, improves blood circulation, improves sleep quality, removes toxins, improves overall body tone. On the steps are the active points that are responsible for the coordinated work of the body's excretory system. Throughout the pores of the legs, there are all the toxins that usually stay there. Helps normalize microcirculation, restore cell viability, stimulate the restoration of the body's functions, helps to avoid the side effects of taking medication. Great Chinese medics call the feet "the second heart" of man.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, more than 60 active points are located on the feet, as well as reflex zones associated with many of the internal organs.

On the feet are also the important  “tzin lo” , in which the slag of the human organism is deposited over a long period of time. These toxins inhibit normal blood circulation and can cause various diseases. The active ingredients of the leg baths warm the skin, open the pores, stimulate lymph flow and activate the biologically active points - prepare the skin for intense detoxification.


Way of acting  : Bamboo acid has the ability to penetrate and transport toxins out of the body. The process of extracting toxins out of the skin is similar to that of plant roots.


Results : Removes poisons, chemicals, synthetics accumulated in the skin, eliminates constipation, improves sleep, memory, balances ph, relieves pain, including migraine and arthritis.


Price: 30 lv | 1hr

Tibetan Bath For Detox

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