The Dynamic Hydration with Shower Hydriatika has no analogue in the world practice, neither for physiological effects nor for simplicity and reliability.

It restores the spare regulatory and regenerative capabilities of the body by activating blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, acting on the largest organ-the skin.

Unique water jets of Hydriatics cause a reaction, expressed in strong blood supply and increased body temperature. Local vascular reaction is a source of prolonged impulse of nerve centers ,as a result, reflected body reactions affect peripheral receptors and tissues in the body of the treated area and the reflective organs. An important role in the vascular response also has connective tissue cells. They maintain regional homeostasis, regulating physiological processes both locally and for the whole organism.

The skin is a truly unique organ. It is formed by the same embryonic tissue from which the brain is formed. This defines many structural and functional similarities between the brain and the skin.

Everything that is healing for the skin is appropriate for the brain.


Wide application in the complex therapy of various diseases and pathologies, as well as for prophylaxis, strengthening and preservation of health, enhancing working capacity and lifestyle, normalizing sleep, mood and exchange of substances.

The Hydriatika's jet forms multiple parallel water jets at a speed of 20-30 meters per second, which after 50 cm continue their flight in the form of droplets with high kinetic energy. When getting on the skin the springs are cavitated , whereupon ultra-high temperature and pressure are locally developed.

Namely, they have a strong bacteriological action that can clean the skin and loosen the pores without the use of soaps or other detergents. The droplets have a different effect - they create an additional healing impact-wave effect.

The impact of the water jet according to the type of the jet is:


·      Hydro-acupuncture, spot;

·      Micro-perturbation-painless analogue of shock-wave therapy;

·      Pressing;

·      Ionizing -large kinetic energy ionizes the air as a waterfall (15 minutes after the use of the soul, 

       the  amount of hydroaeroyons is 15,000 per cm2 at baseline 1000); With the help of the 

        Hydriatika Shower you can reproduce the techniques of the classic massage.

·      Smoothing

·      Rubbing

·      Smashing

·      Vibration

As a criterion for a successful procedure, a vascular reaction is considered.


Massage as a healing remedy also existed in the ancient people's life.

 Fortunately, ancient art is recovering. The massage and its main type - a healing massage with water  makes the skin smooth and elastic, the joints young, the muscles healthy, improves blood circulation and metabolism, helps to relax tense muscles and lower fatigue to return a good sleep and helps to lose weight.

With the Hydriatika shower you can have the following massages:


  • Massage on the back- Removes tension, fatigue, stimulates blood circulation.

  • Massage of the abdome- Especially useful in the complex weight loss program - to restore smooth and elastic skin.

  • Massage on “cartridge pouch"- Especially recommended for those who are not involved with sports or dancing, because they may have "handles" that wrap the waist and make it not very beautiful. Don't have pity for your body-with long circular movements, perhaps with detention, to influence this area. It is, in fact, the most grateful area - the pleats and waistband seals disappear quickly.

  • Massage of the butt

  • Massage of the inner thighs

  • Massage on the outer thighs

  • Massage of the neck area

  • Facial massage against wrinkles

  • Massage of calves

  • Breast massage

  • Massage of the feet

  • Wrist Massage

  • Upper hand massage

  • Scalp / Hair Massage

Spa Fountain

Price: 30 lv | 20 mins

Treatment Massage with Shower Hydriatika