Meditation for all Chakras: Chakra Meditation charges all chakras with light, enhances inner happiness and ecstasy in life, gives you a new beginning when your external tension comes too much, helps with little age.


This meditation is considered to be the most powerful in the history of yoga.

11 minutes a day with this therapeutic meditation can give you the necessary confidence and the ability to find out who you are; 31 minutes a day they will donate with enormous power and discipline; 1 year will make you feel fantastic, and after 1000 days of practice - no one will be able to get along with you.


Includes: Chakra Meditation, Sound Meditation with healing Tibetan Bowls, Meditation with Binaural Sounds, Sleeping Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Loving God Meditation (meta meditation), Healing Meditation in two dimensions, Sound meditation with curative Tibetan cups, Meditation "Travel through the chakras", Meditation for adjustment to your Higher Self.


-Om Namo Guru Dev Namo, Mantra of miraculous healings (mantra of miracles)


-Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru; Om Mantra for the most basic sound in the universe, Raa Maa Da Saa Saa Sei So Hung - Mantra for the healing of himself and others, To The Last Life Cycle, Sat Nam, To Awakening the Soul - Wahe Guru Mantra to ecstasy or third eye.

Buddhist Monk Meditating

Healing your Chakras through Meditation

Price: 30lv | 1hr  (Group sessions)

              50lv | 1hr (Individual session)