Veselka K.

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Veselka K.

My story with Greta is from 2011.  We met through our mutual friend from India. This is followed by colorful and joyful meetings in Sofia or Varna, a trip together to India, several joint projects - related to Kozirev's Mirror, and research on the transmission of thoughts and feelings at a distance between people who do not know each other. There was also another very interesting experiment - involving opening information from tribal and tribal channels from the past and the future. She diagnosed me with Aura and through it I got acquainted with some very interesting devices and devices for improving the health and general condition of people and clearing the places that I use now.
I am very grateful for the opportunity to be one of the first people to enter Kozyrev's Mirror in Bulgaria - this experience remains unforgettable for me to this day.
Greta held a large-scale conference in Varna with many interesting topics in the field of innovation, space technology, development of consciousness and civilizations, with prominent scientists and people with open thinking and expanded consciousness, to which I was invited, and I just do not like he wanted it to end - the lectures and the people I met were so interesting.

Another side of it is the love for nature with the beautiful and Secret Garden and for yoga - which she studies in depth and practices after 1 year? 6 per month? training in India. With this she developed and developed her abilities in healing practices.

Along with these serious things, we have fun with her, share and celebrate at parties.

We've talked a lot about how and why people meet, and I think we both know we've known each other a long time, and that makes our relationship very strong.