Hip-straightening pressure-rubbing therapy, which is applied to more than 190 disease symptoms. The massage includes over 100 manipulations that engage the entire structure of the human body and restore normal bodily functions.


Japanese Professor Massaiuki Sayongji from Tokyo, Japan is the creator of the universal method YUMEYHO THERAPY.  The basis of this therapy is the care for the normalization of the symmetry of the hip joints, the spine and the even distribution of body weight on both legs. Through the therapy, bones are placed in the hip joints, the spine and the diseases arising from it are treated.

These displacements (dislocations) can occur as a result of congenital or acquired dislocations, overweight, injuries, physical overload or occupational deformities from static positions at work, accidents, etc.


1. Stimulates the function of internal organs and improves their
blood - lymphatic irrigation
2. Achieves complete relaxation of the muscles through special kneading and rubbing techniques, after which adjusting therapy is applied
3. Restores inflamed joints and eliminates pain
4. Achieves cell regeneration, as a result of which the following visible organic changes are observed:
healing, pinking & hardening of the nails, smoothing wrinkles, improving skin elasticity, general toning
5. Melts excess weight
6. The reed formations are distributed


YUMEIHO THERAPY-in LIBRA is demonstrated by Marin Peev, one of the first students of the creator of the method, a graduate coach of the National Sports Academy, a physiotherapist with 30 years of experience

Price: 50lv | 45mins

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Yumeiho "Divine" Japanese Massage

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